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Warning system with blinking light strings for overhead contact lines in transport company workshops.

​Light strings signal the operating state of overhead contact lines.

The need for high productivity, short maintenance intervals and optimized operating process are placing ever increased demands on personnel protection. Live overhead lines in workshops servicing trains, trams and trolley buses create a significant potential hazard to maintenance personnel. An increased number of specialists from third-party companies, also participate in maintenance and repair work. Workshop operators must therefore provide suitable safety systems in order to maintain adequate protection for all personnel.

​Other application examples:

  • Demarcation of hazard zones around machinery

  • Access warning during maintenance on power systems in generating stations

Features and benefits:​

  • A warning signal is provided exactly where the hazard exists

  • Light string segments are easy to connect to provide any required length

  • LEDs ensure long service life

  • Applicable in environments with harsh ambient lighting

  • Features a redundant controller with duel power supply

LED Warning Lights by Telma: Products
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