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KRUCH have developed a software tool called Energy Flow Simulation (EFS). The software simulates the energy flow for different scenarios. EFS analyses the returns of investments, solves problems and increases the reliability of power supply.

With the help of the energy flow simulation (EFS) our customers can simulate their own energy balance in their networks very easily.

The software deals with essential problems:

  • Why do substations suddenly switch off?

  • What impact will new traction vehicles have on the energy usage?

  • How can I save energy? 

  • Time table changes: Can the required energy be supplied?

  • Extending the network: How many substations are required?

  • Where are the critical spots in the network (low voltage, high temperature, …)?

  • How do the electromagnetic field spread along the network?

  • And many more

Your benefits by using EFS:

EFS highlights critical points in the electrical network and shows the power and voltage of the consumers, such as trams or trolleys, in all parts of the network. The software analyses substations and energy consumption of the vehicles in detail. We offer consulting services for our customers to optimize their networks considering the energy consumption, timetable, vehicle use, energy storages, electrical parameters, and many more. The user does not lose time by learning complex interface and is able to focus his efforts on what is really important.

How does EFS work?

The software is a cloud solution based on a website, which allows every customer to simulate different scenarios on a predefined network in a simple way. There is no installation needed. Our customer provides us with the relevant and available information (e.g.: electrical network diagram, substations characteristics, vehicle datasheet or timetables). Our engineers analyse and complete the incoming data. Based on the information given, we set up a mathematical model for the customer`s network. 

The results are verified with the measurements on substations and/or vehicles. After only 1 hour of training with our experts, the user is able to change all possible parameters and to simulate different scenarios in the network. The software interfaces are very user friendly and fully customized so that different users intuitively know how to use the tool.

Energy Flow Simulation by Kruch: Products
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