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Rail web cabling is of increasing importance for the railway infrastructure. Cable troughs either do not exist or require costly overhaul and repair to accept additional cables. Installing new cable trough lines requires intense design and approval efforts, as well as costly and time-consuming civil works.

The number of cable related applications and requirements along the tracks are constantly increasing:

  • Existing lines are being updated with electronic interlocking – introducing the need for communication transmission

  • Implementation of GSM-R technology to supply BTS stations is missing in many places

  • To catch up with today’s safety standards PZB further signalling measures need to be introduced

  • Replacing of open-air cables

Rail web cabling provides a highly attractive alternative. For this purpose Voestalpine Signalling has been producing EBA approved rail foot clamps for over 25 years.

Clipfix is the cable trough in the rail web providing protection against vandalism and allowing the flexibility of holding multiple cables.

In combination with cable deflections and connection pieces, the cable is continuously protected against mechanical influences.

Clipfix by Contec: Products
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